Andrae gets mentioned in The Wow Report

“Long-time fans of Grammy-winning wowlebrity Allee Willis, they contacted her via The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch and started a two-year pen pal relationship. The PangeaTribe have been saving money from their college tour to take a trip out to LA to write with the soul/pop legend. Allee was gracious enough to send us an exclusive photo from her recording studio, where she wrote music with the gang, as well as frequent collaborator Andrae Alexander. WoW’s own Damiana Garcia recently got a personal tour from Allee of her home, Willis Wonderland. We look forward to hearing the magic that they make together, knowing the insane amounts of vintage percussion Allee has collected over the years (as part of her Afro-Soul memorabilia collection.) Stay tuned to the WOW Report for the results of this awesome sesh.”